Housing :the main problem for Parisian students

Studying is a privilege for a young man. The university is the first place where he faces problems. The problem of student housing has become very important in big cities. Parisian students have gone through housing crises. It is difficult to look for housing that will be suitable for a student.

The crisis of housing for students

The big cities that have universities always have the problem of student housing. Many students come to study in Paris. The growth in the number of students is likely to have a problem. The problem of housing for students has become a crisis in Paris. There are not enough rental properties for students anymore. Many students can't find housing anymore. While every year, the number of Parisian students increases. The public park or the Crous is no longer sufficient. Renting an apartment is possible, but because of the numerous demands, the price of the rent has become very high. Some students cannot afford to pay the rent. In the city center, the urban spaces are always crowded. So finding a place to live is very difficult.

The problems that comes with looking for a house

Paris is a region where many students study. Before the beginning of the academic year, students are already trying to solve the problem of student housing. They are trying for all means to find an accommodation that will be suitable. Some students agree to live together as roommates. When a student finds an accommodation, it will be easier for the others to have a roof over their heads. Seeing the rental site is also a solution. However, housing is limited and for the number of students that are there, at the least delay, they are all already occupied. Even if an accommodation may be available in the city of Paris, most students do not have the means to make this rental.

Shortage of partisan student accommodations

Faced with the problem of student housing, students still come to Paris, to major cities in France to study. The lack of accommodation does not prevent students from crossing cities or even continents to study. For the Crous or the Centre régional des œuvres universitaires et sociales, there is less housing than there is demand. The Crous housing is then insufficient. This shortage of student housing causes other problems. Student exchanges are now very frequent. Some students go abroad to avoid the lack of housing. The housing problem is a big problem for students.
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