What is a proficient TOEIC score?

Published on : 29 October 20213 min reading time
For both professionals and students, the TOEIC and TOEFL are common English language tests. The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an English language test recognized in over 170 countries all over the world by over 14,000 organizations. These organizations include multinational corporations, universities, colleges, government agencies, and immigration authorities.

What are the TOEFL and TOEIC scores?

Thousands of candidates take the TOEIC and TOEFL tests each year. All of these candidates are students. There are many explanations for taking an English test, but students are most often asked to sit for these tests. In higher education classes, language tests such as TOEIC or TOEFL are also required. In order to distinguish between applicants and to select the profiles that best fit their school, this can be a preferential criterion for admission to a school of higher education. The TOEIC is a test developed by ETS that certifies, in a technical sense, your knowledge of business English, i.e. your competence. Your written and oral knowledge, or your written and oral discourse are analyzed. For more details on how to pass the TOEIC, please check GlobalExam.

Admission to a school of higher education in France

In the recruitment process, the TOEIC and TOEFL tests are primarily used as a preferred criterion for admission to some form of preparation. Several institutions select their candidates on the basis of their test scores. They are employed to maintain the English language skills of potential recruits. The standards differ from class to class. The most prestigious require higher scores. For example, the very popular Parisian school HEC requires a minimum TOEIC score of 850 and a minimum TOEFL score of 100 to be accepted to the school. These scores are essentially equal to the CEFR C1 level. The higher your individual score, the better you can get. These are minimum scores. The MBA, which is more prestigious than the master’s degree, always attracts hundreds of students.

For studies abroad, it is important to have a TOEIC/TOEFL score

is not the only test that can be used in France. Since both tests are internationally accredited, you can of course use them when you go abroad. This will allow you to participate in an exchange or to enter the country you have dreamed of in an international university. In order to promote exchanges between countries, language tests such as the TOEIC or TOEFL have been developed. These courses are therefore open to students from all over the world. Students are required to prove their English proficiency in order to determine their language level. All students can therefore follow the courses offered.

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