Student Housing

Housing :the main problem for Parisian students

Studying is a privilege for a young man. The university is the first place where he faces problems. The problem of student housing has become very important in big cities. Parisian students have gone through housing crises. It is difficult…

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Looking for rental all the advantaged of furnished accommodation

Looking for an accommodation ? Bare rental or furnished rental? The furnished rental type is a very popular trend. Here are the different advantages for those who will choose a furnished accommodation. Furnished accommodation: a condition adaptable for everybody Furnished…

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How to choose your roommates?

Currently, sharing an apartment is very popular as it allows some people to live in a large apartment for a low rent. Indeed, not only can each roommate enjoy the benefits of a spacious apartment, but everyone can save money…

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Student housing: all the help to lower the bills

The life of a student is not easy, because you have to attend classes while paying many bills (electricity, internet, water, travel). According to the FAGE (Fédération des Associations Générales Étudiantes), accommodation constitutes the majority of a university student’s expenses….

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How to avoid feeling cramped in a student’s dorm?

No matter how big or small a dorm room is, it should be strategically laid out to maximize space. When you leave home and move into your new home, you want to feel comfortable and at ease right away. Here…

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