Post baccalaureate studies

How to choose a good school to learn management ?

Management schools are very well known today. More and more students are choosing this branch of study for the multitude of options it offers, but also for the large number of job opportunities upon graduation. However, in order to have…

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Commerce schools in Paris : the ranking of the 10 best

Ensuring a successful professional career in the business field requires, above all, rigorous training. These will guarantee you both performance and success in the world of work later on. It goes without saying that choosing a good business school is…

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Work/ study business school : how does it work in practice ?

Many students choose the concept of work-study training to continue their studies at a business school. This principle generally consists of a week of training followed by a week in a company to put into practice the knowledge acquired during…

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A communication bachelor: for what professional opportunities?

The world of communication is an evolving field, especially in terms of career. For holders of a bachelor’s degree in communication or bacc + 3, many positions will be available to them. Whether in events, graphics or digital, there are…

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What jobs are open to me after bachelor degree in banking and insurance?

Many students wonder what job to do after graduation. Having a bachelor’s degree is a crucial step in order to enter the professional world. If you specialize in bancassurance, know that the opportunities and positions are numerous. You can apply…

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The employment village :an effective solution to integrate the IT job market

Many computer science graduates are faced with the unexpected finding that in France, it is difficult to get a job in this sector of activity. For what unexpected? Because it is a growth sector. Companies seem to be on the…

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