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Many computer science graduates are faced with the unexpected finding that in France, it is difficult to get a job in this sector of activity. For what unexpected? Because it is a growth sector. Companies seem to be on the lookout for new talent and pay high salaries to benefit from certain expertise. By examining the problem more closely, we realized that the major flaw in applications is an unattractive CV that does not make the recruiter want to go further in the recruitment. In this article, find out how to fix the flaws in a resume to find the perfect IT job.

Conciseness and clarity : 2 essential criterias

Job seekers should understand that their CV is unlikely to attract the interest of human resources if it spans multiple pages. They believe in this simplistic theory that the more quantitatively a document is provided, the more testament to the seriousness of its sender. This idea is far from true. It is even the opposite effect that occurs. Faced with a CV of 2 to 3 pages, the recruiter can only conclude that, behind this document, hides a candidate who does not know anything about job search techniques: a characteristic that says a lot about his professional profile! This is why vocational training centers devote workshops to writing CVs and cover letters. By reading the notices, you will quickly understand that the nationals of this organization have managed to stand out from other applicants, in particular thanks to their irreproachable application file. A CV should then fit into a single page with distinct categories. If you think your sections can't fit on this page, consider reducing the indents and margin space. However, always keep the printing step in mind to achieve a satisfactory presentation.

Cv photo : is it mandatory ?

The answer to this question is rather mixed. Indeed, some trainers in job search techniques advise against inserting photos in a CV in order to avoid any judgment based on physique. They range from simple aesthetic preferences to racial considerations. Better to convince the company by your professional experience without giving them the opportunity to be entertained by your physical particularities. However, more has found that companies now favor application files accompanied by a photograph. It gives them an idea of ​​who is behind it. This is all the more important when it comes to a position with direct contact with customers. In this case, we will not give you a rating, but we will try to find out if you have a sufficiently well-groomed appearance to look good in the eyes of customers. For your photo, we recommend that you hire a professional photographer so that the rendering meets the standards required for this type of illustration. For your part, remember to be well dressed to convey a professional image: a simple and neat hairstyle, a good look, a light make-up for women, an outfit in accordance with the Dress Code especially at the top since it is a portrait.

All the categories that should be present !

  • Your CV should be made up of several categories. You think that emphasizing the non-editorial nature of this document is unnecessary being a familiar BABA. Unfortunately, you only have to speak with human resources officers to realize that some candidates continue to submit CVs in essay form. Which, let's face it, may seem surprising in the internet age where ignorance is a choice. Because you just need to do a little research on the web to understand the essential rules for writing a curriculum vitae. It is therefore necessary to remember that you must put aside your writing skills and create separate sections in the form of dashes. The sections of the CV including the following:
  • Presentation and contact details
  • Training and qualifications
  • Professional experience
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Hobbies
  • Other than those sections, anything you can add would be like unnecessary frills. Because as we indicated above, your CV must be clear and precise rather vainly overloaded. Note that each category has its own rules, for example, "Professional experience" where you must indicate:
  • The name of the company / organization
  • Start and end date of activity
  • The position held

Presentation : between conformism and originality

To design a CV that stands out, some candidates think that the only way to achieve this is to opt for an offbeat presentation and a profusion of colors that force the recruiter to remember their file. However, the criteria that human resources interpret as a sign of rigor and professionalism are different. It is advisable, in terms of the arrangement of your sections, to choose a conventional order that makes it easier to read. Knowing that it takes less than 30 seconds to review a CV, you need to make the recruiter enjoy browsing your categories. Stick to black and blue on the color side and one font from start to finish. However, an original CV is a popular approach, but only in certain creative areas. To get out of the game, use Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, software that will show the business your computer graphics skills in a concrete way, especially if you have a design degree. To get a job in the banking sector, focus on sobriety and elegance.

The credibility criterion

Writing in your cover letter that you are a reliable and serious person would have no weight if your CV says otherwise. You must then pay particular attention to a number of elements, starting with the spelling and the construction of expressions. There is no worse effect than sending the recruiter a document full of mistakes even if you are aiming for a position in IT and your language skills are not necessary. To eliminate the risk of a mistake slipping into your resume, have someone else do a second or even third reading. In addition, and even if you have not taken work-study training in job search techniques, we recommend that you provide a professional email address. Addresses of the type "" should be banned. Know that such a trivial detail can cost you the job you have dreamed of so much. Finally, we stress the importance of not lying, especially on important elements such as your professional skills. These lies are very easy to spot. They then compromise your application without getting you anywhere..
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