How to avoid feeling cramped in a student’s dorm?

No matter how big or small a dorm room is, it should be strategically laid out to maximize space. When you leave home and move into your new home, you want to feel comfortable and at ease right away. Here are some tips on how to start your new life and not feel cramped in your new home.

Choose the right furnishings!

In a small space, furniture selection is essential for your convenience and to save space. To start, make a list of the furniture you really need. Large and unnecessary furniture should be excluded in order to maximize space. Instead, choose convertible and/or dual-purpose furniture. For the choice of bedding, opt for a sofa bed that will be used to invite your friends during the day and transform into a bed at night. Also, for a real student room, choose a folding desk that is spacious enough for studying. Also consider shelves above the desk for extra storage. Also, if you have enough space, consider a dining table with Scandinavian chairs. If not, it is advisable to opt for an extendable coffee table. As for the bathroom, opt for shower shelves and suction cup hooks. Finally, don't forget the small wardrobe to store your clothes.

Harmonize and organize your interior

If you have a lot of headroom in your dorm room, consider getting a loft bed. This way, you can take advantage of the small space at the bottom of your bed by placing your desk or a living space to welcome your friends. Moreover, take advantage of the height of the walls to put shelves for storage and decoration. In addition, in order to illuminate your room and create an illusion of grandeur, favor white for your walls. You can also opt for wallpapers and stickers for a little personal touch.

Save money on your furniture

Recovering is in fashion and allows you to save money, but it is better to consider the space that grandmother's furniture can take. However, you can turn to used furniture for your dorm room and save money. Also, consider scavenging abandoned furniture on the street, you may find furniture in excellent condition. Finally, you can find furniture at very affordable prices at garage sales.
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